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Our transmitters use 433MHz (Megahertz) to communicate with the display monitor

The transmition rate describes how often the transmitter send a data signal to the monitor. Our transmitters using a CT sensor clamp can be set to send energy data every 10sec/15sec/20sec. For transmitters with IR sensors it send data every 30sec.

Our E2 monitor can record data for the last 7 days, 7 weeks, 24 months. Also, the monitor keeps hourly records of 240 days, for you to download to your PC/MAC and view them via the e-Link software

All information is stored in an internal memory which saves and holds the data even in case of power cut, or when you remove the batteries. On resetting the display you will lose all information stored in the memory. However your time and date will remain unchanged.

Battery life depends upon the quality and condition of batteries used, and the intervals between transmissions. In ideal conditions up to 18 months of battery life can be expected in our products using 2400mAh alkaline batteries.

Yes, the monitor can be used in conjunction with economy 7 and other (up to 4) timed tariffs. By a simple adjustment in the display’s settings.

Move the display monitor closer to the transmitter and press the Link Button (on transmitter and display). If the dashes remain on the display this would indicate the transmitter and receiver are not communicating. Please contact efergy Customer Service to help locate the problem.

Yes… If you have a three phase supply, or economy 7 meter, then you may require additional sensors. These can be simply plugged into the additional sockets at the base of the transmitter. However the monitor/display only shows consolidated average of three phase consumption. If you use 3 sensors for 3-phase system, and you will need to set the voltage as follows:

  • Unbalanced load, set Voltage to 230-240V
  • Balanced load, set Voltage to 380-400V

Typical installation on a single phase breaker panel

Setting up your energy monitor


Download here the eLink software, according to your OS version.

eLink for Windows (all versions)

eLink for MAC (comp. pro OS Sierra)


Download here the user manual or datasheet of your wireless energy monitor E2 Classic

User manual E2 v1.0


User manual E2 v2.0


User manual E2 IR/Optical


Datasheet E2 Classic