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The AirControl is compatible with more than 99.99% of ACs around the world as long as it’s a split unit with infrared remote control. If you have problems pairing the device here’s some things to check:

  1. Pairing is affected if the remote control’s battery is low-change batteries if that’s the case
  2. Make sure the remote is close to AirControl during the pairing process
  3. Make sure the Wi-Fi network is OK

If your AC is incompatible, please provide AC model and its remote model (usually on the back of the remote control). We’ll upload that data into our cloud to make it compatible (usually within 48 hours). We have 500 engineers waiting to help!

Yes. Each account is able to manage many devices, just add the new devices in the app.

Yes. The number of AirControls you can use depends on the ability of your router. Please note that the AirControl may not be able to identify separate units if you have all the exact same air conditioning units in your home.

Within 5 metres of the AC unit to be controlled. No obstructions in the way

Yes, Infra-red light reflects off light surfaces so you’ll find the signal bounces off the opposite wall or ceiling and will hit the IR sensor.

The user needs to connect AirControl with the Wi-Fi network during setup (The default password is 123456), and then pair the AirControl with remote. The infrared remote codes are  stored in the cloud, so it’s quite simple to pair. Then you can start to use the app to remote control or schedule your AC. The AirControl should be connected with the Wi-Fi network all the time, so it can be reached by app through the cloud server.

Press and hold the reset button until the LED flashes quickly for 5 seconds. Then you can start the setup again.

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi router connected to the smartphone is 2.4GHz in frequency. The device doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  2. Check the Wi-Fi password is correct
  3. Check the Wi-Fi signal strength
  4. Reset the AirControl, and then try again
  1. Check whether the Wi-Fi signal is still strong at that position and able to connect to the internet
  2. If the router has been reset or Wi-Fi password has been changed, you need to reset the AirControl and then setup again

Let your family install the app on their smartphone. Click ‘+’ to add the device and input the SN number (can be found on the side of the device) and password of the device.

No, you don’t have to reset the device. You could pair the remote of the AC again in the app. Then, the AirControl will start to control this AC instead of previous one.

If the timer is to turn the AC on, the AC will turn on in the last mode at set time.

The AirControl will learn the environment illumination when user sleeps. When it detects the illumination lower than the learned illumination when the user sleeps from 22:00 to 6:00, it will:

  1. Adjust to low wind speed
  2. If the room temperature is higher than 28℃ in heat mode, reduce 2℃ from the setting temperature.
  3. If the room temperature is lower than 20℃ in cool mode, add 2℃ from the setting temperature

This feature allows users to get their preferred room temperature instead of set temperature in the AC, and let AC to adjust operation itself to realize and keep that room temperature.

If user set room temperature as 23℃ to  26℃ during 9:00 to 18:00, AC will start cooling automatically when the room temperature is higher than 26℃, or start heating automatically when the room temperature is lower than 23℃, to make sure the room is in set temperature range. When the period is out of 9:00 to 18:00, AC will go to standby mode itself.


Typical installation of Aircontrol

Setting up your Aircontrol


Download here the user manual or datasheet of your Aircontrol smart plug.

User manual for Aircontrol


Datasheet for Aircontol


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