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Wi-Fi Socket - Ego Smart Socket


Ego Wi-Fi Smart Socket is unique socket that will make your life that bit easier. It comes with a fantastic App that allows you to program appliances, remotely switch them on and off and unlike many others, it also monitor how much energy the appliance is using.

Más detalles

  • Type G (UK, Ireland, Malta etc)

Monitor and control on the go!

The Ego Smart Socket allows you to do many things at the same time. You can monitor the usage of your appliaces and it tells you how much it cost to run them. It will provide you with instant as well as historical data through a Free App that is includes a very friendly user interface. With teh Ego Socket you will also be able to switch appliacens remotely using you App but most importantly it will allow you to program your appliances so that you don´t need to be there in the first place. It includes a lot more features but one of teh unique features is that it will eliminate the stand-by power of your appliances, saving you money.

It is compatible with Android and iPhone. It is not compatible with any Windows devices (tablets, PC or smartphone).

Key Features

  • - Appliance Control: Switch appliances on or off remotely from your smartphone
  • - Group appliances: You can group appliances so that you can control all of them at the same time 
  • - Energy Monitoring: Real time and historical consumption information in Watts and cost unit
  • - Schedule timers: Set timers for automatic switching of devices
  • - Standby Elimination: Set the socket to turn off when left on standby for too long 


Functional Features

  • - Easy to install and programme
  • - View instant power and cost through rich interface on iPhone and Android App
  • - Monitor simultaneously unlimited number of appliances
  • - Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
  • - View your historical costs of running appliances in easy-to-read graphics
  • - Teach your family about energy use and saving
  • - Control appliances remotely
  • - Program timers for automatic switching of devices
  • - Save money by eliminating standby consumption of appliances
  • - 12-month warranty included 
Frecuencia de transmisiónWiFi 2.4GHZ
Rango de voltaje230V 50/60Hz
Software disponibleAndroid and iOS App
Data ResolutionDaily, Weekly, Monthly
Monedas mostradas€, $, £, R, Kr, ₹ and more
Tarifa múltipleSí. Configuración de hasta 4 períodos de tarifas
Monitoreo de circuito individualNo
Online monitoring
ExactitudMás del 90%
Maximum Load2300W
Max current per outlet10A
Additional ProtectionCAT II
Product dimensions (cm)13 x 6.5 x 4

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