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Energy Monitors

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  • Wireless Energy Monitor Elite Classic

    Quick to install and easy to use, it will help you understand your electricity consumption at home. The monitor shows you the real time usage in Watts, the cost per hour (or kWh if preferred) and the overall consumption of the home by day / week / month.

  • Wireless Energy Monitor E2 Classic with USB

    Keep track of your electricity usage in real time, in a sophisticated way. The E2 Classic comes with the Elink Energy Management Software, which will enable you to export data, analyse it and learn how you can save money. It's the perfect product to perform quick home energy audits.

  • Online Energy Monitor Engage

    View your home's electricity consumption in real-time from anywhere and at any time. The information is displayed in a friendly web interface, including a widget that will enable you track your monthly spend against a budget. You can also export data and a lot more!

  • Online Energy Monitor Engage with Display

    This energy monitoring kit puts together the Elite or the E2 Classic Display and the Engage Online Energy Monitor, making it a powerful combination. The information is displayed locally at home with the use of the display, as well as online, on a friendly interface, so you could access your energy data anytime and from anywhere.


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