How do we help you save?


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Monitor your electricity usage in real-time, understand your electricity consumption and adjust to reduce on your energy bill.


With the engage hub kit you will be able to view your home electricity consumption online. Access anytime from anywhere and analyse your daily, weekly and monthly usage.


With our Wi-Fi accessories you can easily control your appliances. Monitor, program or switching things on and off with your smart phone.

Just making energy visible

Our Energy Displays show you in real-time how much you are spending on electricity at home

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Control your electricity bill

Your monthly bills are high and you don’t know why? Our displays will tell you just that. Instantly, daily, weekly and monthly,

Start saving

Once you know how much you spend, start with small changes that will bring savings, such as replacing old appliances or taking mobile chargers off the sockets. Every little bit counts!

Think green

Every time we switch an appliance on, there is a power station consuming fuel and emitting CO2. Saving energy doesn’t only mean saving energy but it also helps to save the environment.

Analyse your energy usage

Connect online to analyse your data daily, weekly or monthly

  • Web platform and App
  • Solar generation
  • Monitor multiple circuits
  • Set monthly budgets
  • View usage history
  • Donwload your recorded data

Control on the go

Our Wi-Fi devices will bring you comfort and peace of mind

  • Control your appliances
  • Monitor your appliance’s energy consumption
  • Schedule timers
  • Control your room temperature
  • Control group of appliances
  • Available on Android and iOS

Visit our online store now

Whether you are a home owner or a business, we have a selection of products that surely meets your needs. Make a change to reduce on your electricity bill and, by the way, you will be contributing for a better future on planet earth.  


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