Smart Master & Sockets

Appliance Control on the go!

The Smart Master & Sockets will make your life that bit easier. With The Master Socket you can switch appliances on/off, set timers and monitor electricity consumption allowing you to check how much it costs to run the appliance. It will
also switch on/off up to 8 Slave Sockets.

Full integration with your own platform: The Master Socket will provide you with instant as well as historical data through the cloud.

RESTful API: Fetch and retrieve data from the cloud server.

Monitor and control on the go!

The Smart Master & Slave Sockets allows you to do many things at the same time. Apart from all the control features, you can also monitor the usage of your appliances and it tells you how much it costs to run them.

Key features

  • Appliance Control

Switch on/off up to 8 Smart Sockets.

  • Real-time information

The Master Socket provides real-time and historical energy consumption information.

  • Timmers

Set timers for automatic switching of devices.

  • High Security

Encrypted security WEP, TKIP, AES, WAP, WAP2.

  • RESTful API

Standard https API for 3rd party integration

How the Smart Master works

One Master Socket is plugged into the power outlet and can wirelessly control the Smart Sockets. The Master Socket allows you to control, monitor and program an appliance and can switch On/Off up to 8 Smart Slave Sockets.

The Master Socket connects to your internet router via Wi-Fi, which sends the data to the Cloud server, then on to a 3rd party Cloud, where it can be displayed on the 3rd party portal and/or app.

How the Slave Sockets work

The Slave Socket communicates with the Smart Master via 433MHz wireless and it allows you to turn on/off appliances from your smartphone, helping you to save both electricity and money.

You can add up to 8 Slave Socket to the Smart Master.

Note: The Smart Sockets are On/Off control only, with a wireless range over 70m in open areas.

Smart Master Total control

Switch an appliance or a group of appliances from your smartphone, real-time and historical energy consumption information, set timers for automatic switching of devices.

Smart Slave Easy installation in 3 steps

Scan to download and install the Efergy EgoPlus app

Follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup of the device

Plug in an appliance to monitor and control it from your smartphone

Easy installation for the Slave Socket

Setup the Smart Master and enter in Sub Control
on the tap menu

Plug the Slave Socket into the outlet

On the Sub Control page select Add and follow the on screen steps

Technical specifications

  • Model Name Smart Master & Sockets
  • Model Number SMS – UK/EU/AU/US
  • Voltage 100-240V
  • Current 13A(UK) / 16A(EU) / 10A(AU) / 15(US)
  • Frequency Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n
  • Sizes (UK-EU) 130x65x82mm
  • Sizes (AU-US-CA) 120x44x70mm
  • The unit price of electricity 0.00 – 99.99£/kWh
  • Current range 0 – 13.00A
  • Frequency range 50-60Hz

Product available for Australia and New Zealand.