eGO Wi-Fi Socket

Appliance monitoring and control brought to the limit

eGO Wi-Fi Socket will make your life that bit easier. It comes with a fantastic App that allows you to program appliances, remotely switch them on and off and unlike many others, it also monitor how much energy the appliance is using.

With eGO Wi-Fi Socket you will also be able to switch appliances remotely using you App but most importantly it will allow you to program your appliances so that you don´t need to be there in the first place. It includes a lot more features but one of the unique features is that it will eliminate the stand-by power of your appliances, saving you money.

Monitor and control on the go!

eGO Wi-Fi Socket allows you to do many things at the same time. Apart from all the control features, you can also monitor the usage of your appliances and it tells you how much it costs to run them.

Key features

  • Appliance Control

Switch appliances on or off remotely from your smartphone

  • Group appliances

Group appliances to control all of them at the same time

  • Energy Monitoring

Real time and historical consumption in Watts and cost unit

  • Schedule timers

Set timers for automatic switching of devices

  • Standby Elimination

Set the socket to turn off when left on standby for too long 

How it works

The Ego smart socket uses your WiFi signal to connect with the app on your smartphone, from where you can take control of your connected appliance, anytime and from anywhere. There is no need for any technical works to install the device, but only just plug it in a wall socket and connect the appliance you like to control.


Easy installation in 3 steps

Technical specifications

  • Model: ego smart socket
  • Operating Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Working Voltage: 150V – 276V
  • Voltage range 90 – 250V
  • Max Current: 16A
  • Weight: 198g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 44 x 71mm
  • Power 0.2 – 3120W
  • The unit price of electricity 0.00 – 99.99£/kWh
  • Current range 0 – 13.00A
  • Frequency range 50-60Hz