Manage your multiple engage user accounts

from a single suite

With the engage multi software you can now view and manage all your engage user accounts from a single, unified screen

unlimited accounts

All engage user accounts in one place

  • View all user accounts at the same time
  • Select and Compare accounts
  • Store your Compare layout for future reference/use
  • Group accounts
  • Refresh account(s) for updated graphs

Engage Multi software features

The software offers unique features that will help you to do more with your readings. The software is updating constantly with new features every month.

account engage multi

List of accounts added

View all the engage accounts you added on the software and select the one you wish to view

all accounts multi

View all at a glance

Select the viewing option on your screen of the accounts added. You can view one by one, in groups or all

compare mode multi

NEW! – Compare accounts and store layouts

With this new feature, you can select which accounts you wish to compare and store the layout for future reference or usage. So, next time you use the software, you will not need to remember what you have done or compared.

reload tab

Auto reload

Set your refresh of data rate, so you can always have up to date graphs on each account

rename tabs multi

Rename an account

Give or rename any of your engage accounts so you can easily distinguish them and select them

Why Engage Multi?

The engage multi software is a tool for those who have more than one engage user accounts and want to view them on a single environment. Within the software you can add as many as you have (current version is limited to 20 accounts) and you can view them one by one or all together, while using other handy tools available. Just download and install the software on your pc or on a USB stick and have access with a click.

Easy installation

  • Download the file to your pc
  • Run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Run the software and start adding your engage accounts

NEW- Engage Multi Mobile

The engage multi is available for mobile users too! Now, you can manage all your engage accounts from your smartphone without needing to login and logoff each time. Access them all anytime and from anywhere!

Engage Multi software

engage multi box

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