Meet Engage 

Online Energy Monitor

Engage displays your energy consumption in real-time. It provides a rich interface with analytics for you to understand your energy usage. It can be used to track individual appliances, circuits or an entire home or business premise.

Key features

Real-time usage, friendly demand graph, history, export data and much more!

Easy installation

Connect the transmitter and sensor, plug the hub to the router and follow the on-screen steps.

Upgrade the system

You can add more sensors to monitor individual circuits of the home or to monitor micro-generation.

You can’t manage what you can’t see

  • Real-time usage

Instant energy information is the key to successful home energy management.

  • Budget

Set your own monthly target and will show you exactly where you are in relation to that.

  • Cost so far

You can choose to see what you have spent so far today, this month and from a date of your choice.

  • Energy demand

See when and how you consumed electricity and exactly how much power your demanded from the grid.

  • Download report

Download your recorded data to your PC or MAC in a csv format for editing.

Here’s how it works

A sensor is clipped onto the live feed cable of your breaker panel. A lead from the sensor is connected to the transmitter. This transmitter sends real-time data wirelessly to the Engage Hub. Finally, connect the Engage Hub to your Internet router via an Ethernet cable and go to to finish the registration.

The web platform or app will then show you how much energy you are using in the same units that are on your bill.

Easy installation in 4 steps

  • Locate your breaker panel feed cable and the feed cable coming from the solar inverter. Clip the CT sensor to each of the feed cables. IMPORTANT: EFERGY RECOMMENDS THAT INSTALLATION IS CARRIED OUT BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN
  • Insert the 3 x AAA batteries into the transmitters and then plug the CT sensor into the transmitters
  • Plug the engage hub into a mains power source using the supplied AC adapter and into a spare port on a router with Internet access using the LAN cable provided/li>

Upgrade your system to make
the most of Engage

Engage Online Energy Monitor can be used to monitor both your home’s or business energy consumption and the micro-generation from solar panels.

Energy consumption

See how your appliances consume electricity anytime and from anywhere.

Solar generation

Compare your energy consumption vs your power generation

Multiple circuits

Get an in-depth knowledge by monitoring individual circuits or appliances.

Online energy monitoring kits

Looking for home, business solutions, solar monitors, 3-Phase Systems or Accessories?

Choose the Online Monitoring kit that best suits your needs.

Upgrade your display

Upgrade your display

Upgrade your efergy wireless energy monitor and view your electricity consumption online, in real-time, with higher resolution

Online Energy Monitor Engage

Online Energy Monitor Engage

With the Engage kit you will be able to view your home electricity consumption in real-time from anywhere and at any time.

Online Energy Monitor 3-Phase kit

Online Energy Monitor 3-Phase kit

With the Engage 3-phase kit, you will be able to view your home electricity consumption in real-time from anywhere and at any time

Online Energy Monitor with Display

Online Energy Monitor with Display

This kit puts together the Elite Classic Display and the Engage Online Energy Monitoring System, making it a powerful combination

Online Energy Monitor Home & Solar kit

Online Energy Monitor Home & Solar kit

With our Home & Solar Kit you can view your home energy consumption and your solar generation simultaneously

STXtra Submetering Kit

STXtra Submetering Kit

Monitor the electricity consumption of multiple circuits from a single dashboard and gain a broader perspective of your consumption