The first stage is to check that changes in your energy habits have made a difference by using an energy monitor, then it’s a case of keeping a regular check to make sure your reduced energy use is maintained.


How much energy do you use right now?

Start by becoming familiar with the information contained in your electric bills and then monitor your energy usage every day. This will make you more aware of just how much energy your home is consuming and more conscious of energy issues generally. It can also provide a big incentive to test various strategies to improve your home’s energy efficiency and will help you monitor the impact of those changes.

Track your home energy usage

An energy monitor (or power monitor) is easy to install, requires no rewiring and displays your energy usage and spend in real-time and also saves the history. This means you can -and will- adjust your energy consumption habits based on what you see. There are multiple types of energy monitor:


1. In-home Energy Displays (IHD’s)

In-home Displays (IHDs) do exactly what they say, they sit inside your home and show you the energy consumption. Home owners will place the display in easily viewable places, some choose the kitchen or their coffee table or even their bedside table. Having this device around the house makes is a constant reminder of your energy use. The Elite In-home display is one of the biggest selling energy monitors in the world.


2. In-home Displays with Downloadable Data

Do you want to download your energy consumption data from the display and check it in more detail on your computer? The E-Max IHD allows you to do this. Download the device’s data and analyze it on your computer using Excel.


3. Online Energy Platforms and Apps

More and more homeowners want to be able to check their energy use while on the go and from other locations. The Efergy Engage online platform and apps give you the chance to view your consumption in real time from a smart phone, laptop, PC or tablet. You can also view a history of your usage, the cost so far (day/week/month) and also how you’re performing against a preset budget amount.


4. Individual Appliance Monitor and Control

This is the latest in energy monitoring. It’s now possible for you to monitor and control individual appliances in your home through a smart phone app. Not only does this allow you to see how separate appliances are performing it also gives you the ability to switch the device on and off from an app.

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