Elite Classic

Best Portable Home Energy Monitor

From: 45.41

From: 45.41
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See how much electricity you are using at any given time

Wireless In-Home Energy Monitor

Wireless and portable, with the Elite Classic you can walk around the house and observe the impact of switching things on and off. See much electricity is being used at any given moment, average and historical data per day, week or month (cost, CO2 and kWh), and much more.

Key features

Energy now

See how much electricity you are using at any given time (cost, Kw and CO2)

Historical Usage

See average and historical daily, weekly or monthly data (cost, CO2 and kWh)


Flexible settings

Set up to 4 different tariff, and multiple world currencies ($, €, £, ₹, Kr, R)



Max. power audio alert and peak time visual alert for the most expensive tariff

Meet the display

Energy Now

History / Day

History / Week

History / Month

Easy installation

Install the sensor(s) and transmitter

Place the sensors around the feed wires of your electric panel. Insert the sensors jack into the base of the transmitter, and power it up using three AA batteries

Link the transmitter and monitor

Insert 3 AA batteries into the monitor battery compartment. Press the LINK button on the monitor & transmitter, and wait until the transmission signal symbol becomes solid

Set up your monitor

 Press and hold down MODE/SET button for three seconds to enter the setting mode. The monitor needs to know the time, date, unit cost per kWh charged by your electricity supplier

Tips and upgrades


Monitor the feed in power from your solar system

Simply attach the CT clamp around the solar feed-in cable that will be in your fuse breaker box


Install the sensor clamp onto a separate individual circuit

Monitor individual circuits, like a hot tub, Air-conditioner or solar systems circuit to measure individual power


Suitable for single, two and three-phase households

Select the system type and sensor type on your order to monitor monitor single/phase or three-phase power


Upgrade your display with our Engage Hub Solo

Add an Engage Hub Solo to upgrade your in-home energy display and track your electricity usage through the Web, Android and iOS apps

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