Public Sector

Helping your community to lower energy consumption and save the environment

We understand your needs

We have a range of energy saving solutions that we believe will improve your community’s energy awareness and bring better living standards to your area.

We believe energy awareness community projects have great potential as they can deliver quick and tangible results that can benefit both residents and the climate. Benefits can be seen on a day-to-day basis and households can user their savings for other more important expenses, while they are helping to save the environment.

Efergy can offer your community similar cost-efficient projects to help you achieve your goals in CO2 emissions reduction.

Reduce the level of negative environmental impact resulting from the generation of electrical energy

Raise public awareness with regards to reducing their consumption

Provide the consumers with the knowledge and tools to empower control of energy usage

Reduce energy demand on the grid during peak periods

Here are some of the Public Sectors we have worked with

If you are interested in efergy as your solutions provider
please contact our efergy utilities team.

Queensland, Australia

Sabadell, Spain

Donostia, Spain

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