7.9 Inch Colour Energy Monitor


Efergy Pro

Solar & Consumption Monitor


Online Energy Monitor

Elite Classic

In-Home Energy Display

Efergy Pro, Monitor Your Solar Generation & Electricity Consumption.

Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
Track solar panels’ daily energy production
Real-time generation, consumption, imports and exports
Daily breakdown and minute level readings
Historic data graphic per minute, day, week and month
Track generation, consumption, performance and savings
Compare the energy you’ve generated and imported

Engage, Online Energy Monitoring Web & App

Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
Monitor up to 5 circuits separately or solar installations
Real-time energy consumption
Set your monthly budget
Historic data graphic per minute, day, week and month
Cost so far today, month or since a date
Download monthly reports
Energy demand graphic

E-MAX, 7.9″ Stylish Colour Energy Monitor

7.9″ stylish free standing or wall mounted colour display
See this month always on and peak usage value
Real-time energy consumption with intelligent graphs
Set a monthly budget and track of your energy use
Historic data graphic today/yesterday, this/last week and this/last month
Track of your energy use against your budget and save money
USB port for data download in .CSV
Peak time and high usage alerts

Elite Classic, The Best Portable Home Energy Monitor

Average consumption per day, week and month
Historic data per day, week and month
Real-time energy consumption
Displays temperature and humidity
Our warranty covers workmanship defects & materials for 1 year from original purchase
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