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Engage - Online energy monitor

Engage - online energy monitor

Welcome to the next generation in energy monitoring

Our new online platform gives you access to your home energy information when you want it, where you want it. With the engage it is now possible to access your home electricity through our secure engage portal. The online service is free, no registration charge or monthly. A smart phoneapp is available both for Android and iPhone users to make it even more convenient to monitor, reduce and save!

Main Features

The engage has been developed with your needs in mind. All the most useful information is displayed to help you understand your consumption patterns. You can choose to see the information in cost, kWh or Co2. 

Engage - online energy monitor

How it works

The engage online platform is the ‘window’ of the system. It receives the information, from the home via the internet. A sensor clipped around the live feed in the fuse board reads the current consumption and sends this information to a receiver in the engage hub. This hub is connected to the home router or internet connection and the information is sent to the users account on the engage platform. 

Engage - online energy monitor

Getting Started

You’ll need to buy the engage hub kit, which includes all the hardware you need, you connect this home kit to your broadband router and then set up an online account and you’re done. If you already have an efergy monitor you may already have the some of the hardware so there is a special kit for you!

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Engage - online energy monitor

Become part of the larger community

Engage - online energy monitor

Although your energy information is encrypted on secure servers you can chose to share your information through a variety social media. We’re building the engage online community so that users from all over the world will be able to share their experiences and results, comparing consumption based on similar households, or even competing with each other to reach a target.


The engage - List of features

- Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
- See your energy data on our FREE platform and apps for AndroidiPhone and iPad
- Eliminate bill shock, monitor your energy costs in real time
- View your daily, weekley, monthly or average costs in easy-to-read graphics
- Energy Report - download your daily, weekly, and monthly energy data onto your PC/Mac
- Set your monthly budget and see how close you are to meeting it
- Compare your energy over 12 months and see where your costs are highest
- Choose to view your energy data in £'s, kWh or CO2
- Discover and reduce your carbon footprint
- Teach your family about energy use and saving
- Use the engage hub solo kit to track reductions in your household energy

Visit the engage platform: http://engage.efergy.com