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Energy Auditor Pack - Advanced

Energy Auditor Pack - Advanced


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Energy Auditor Pack - Advanced

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Quick Overview

Are you an experienced Energy Auditor and you are looking for an effective energy monitoring equipment? This Pack will help you identify energy efficiency measures on your projects. The set has been prepared to monitor five locations at a time. With this Energy Auditor Advanced Kit you will understand the energy needs of a home or business, measure costs of running appliances when they are on or on standby mode and most importantly identify investment and saving opportunities.

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The Advanced Energy Auditor Pack has been prepared to help you identify energy efficiency measures to your clients. With this pack you will be able to access the energy consumption of 5 premises (home or business) in a way you never experienced before.

  • Easy to install and programme
  • No need to change your existing meter (sensors clip can be installed directly onto your existing electricity meter or fuse box cabling)
  • Full of benefits



Key Features


1. Monitor up to 5 locations at a time

The pack includes five Engage Hub kit units, Therefore it is prepared to for you to monitor five locations at any single time.

2. Online access to real time and history data

Easy to install you can access to the information instantly locally through a compact and portable display and also through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Pack will enable you to see how much energy and money the home is using at any given time, in real-time, even if you are not there.

It gives you access to instant and historical data in a way you can easily understand and engage with. It will take you 2 minutes to install and register your account on the portal.It is completely free to use. FREE LIVE DEMO

3. Instant local diagnosis

The pack includes the Elite Classic In-Home Wireless Electricity Monitor, possibly the best known Wireless Electricity Monitor in the market.

Elite Classic Electricity Monitor shows you the real time usage in Watts and the cost per hour (or kwh if preferred). The monitor also enables you to see the overall consumption of the home by day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings made. 

Because the monitor is wireless and portable, you can easily walk around the house and observe how much energy the house is using. By switching appliances on and off, you can also see how much energy particular devices are using.

This is a great tool to demonstrate your customers about the energy usage in the home. In fact, a very important feature is that the monitor can be used as a safety check to see if any electrical appliance has been unnecessarily left on before leaving your home or workplace. Because of this, if you buy this pack we can offer you 20% discount on a new Elite Classic Wireless Monitor to give away to your clients.

4. Submetering: circuits and appliances

This pack includes 15 additional Submetering Kits, which means you can monitor three additional circuits at any of each location at a time.

We have also included ten appliance monitoring and control sockets (2 for each location), which will give you access to remotely monitor appliances and discover how much cost them to run; it will also allow you to program some appliances so that they can be turned on when electricity is cheaper.

5. Capacity considerations

The Pack includes six additional Mini Current Sensors (90A capacity each) and six XL Current Sensors (with 130A capacity each) to make sure you will be able to install your system in any home or business.


Best monitor in the UK

The Elite Classic Electricity Monitor is the one of most popular Energy Monitor in the world and as such it was used by the Queensland Government (Australia) in the Climate Smart Home Service Programme. This Program was designed to help households save money, energy and the environment. Over 350,000 Queensland households received the service, contributing to 3,173GWh in energy savings. On average each household saved AUS400$. 

Which? magazine has consistently ranked the Elite Classic Electricity Monitor as the best energy monitor in the UK, having compared this with other 15 different energy monitors in the market.    


Suitable for Solar Microgeneration

The Elite Classic Wireless Electricity Monitor can be used to monitor micro-generation. The CT Sensor will read the current going through your feed cable and will tell you how much energy you are generating.


Do you need more Energy Sensor Kits?

The Engage system is scalable and you can add more energy sensors to monitor simultaneously a group of electricity circuits or to monitor micro-generation, if you have solar panels installed. Each Engage Hub is capable of monitoring simultaneously information coming from up to five Energy Sensor Kits.



Functional Features


  • Easy to install and programme
  • No need to change your existing meter (sensors clip can be installed directly onto your existing electricity meter or fuse box cabling)



  • Portable compact display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • Display with programmable tariff settings (up to 4 tariff settings)
  • Display with large memory that stores data daily, weekly and monthly
  • Display with audible alert to notify of excessive usage of electricity


Engage Hub and Application:

  • View instant power and cost through rich interface on a web portal, iPhone and Android Apps
  • Monitor simultaneously up to 5 different channels/circuits simultaneously
  • Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly or average costs in easy-to-read graphics
  • Reporting feature: export/download your energy data onto your PC/Mac in CSV format
  • Compare your energy over 12 months and see where costs are highest
  • Choose to view your energy data in £'s, kWh or CO2
  • Discover and reduce carbon footprint
  • Train your clients about efficient energy behavior
  • Token feature: export your information live
  • APIs available for developer partners


Smart Socket:

  • Program to switch appliances on or off depending on tariff price
  • Appliance energy monitoring
  • Set the socket to turn off when left on standby for too long
  • 12-month warranty included


What's in the box

  • 5 x Engage hub solo
  • 1 x Elite Classic Wireless Electricity Monitor
  • 21 x Transmitter
  • 27 x Mini Current Sensor
  • 6 x XL Current Sensor
  • 10 x Ego Appliance and Control Wi-Fi Socket
  • Instructions manuals
  • Batteries are not included for transmitters nor display

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