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Home Energy Wireless Monitor E2 Classic with USB

Home Energy Wireless Monitor E2 Classic with USB


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Home Energy Wireless Monitor Elite Classic


Home Energy Wireless Monitor Elite Classic 3-Phase XL

Home Energy Wireless Monitor E2 Classic with USB

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Quick Overview

With the E2 Classic you can keep track of your electricity usage in real time in a sophisticated way. The E2 Classic comes with the Elink Energy Management Software, which will enable you to export data, analyse it and learn how you can save money. It's the perfect product to perform quick home energy audits.

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Product description

The E2 Classic Electricity Monitor is quick to install and easy to use. It will help you understand your home's electricity consumption and perform quick energy audits. The monitor shows you the real time usage in Watts and the cost per hour. The monitor is wireless and portable, so you can easily walk around the home or business and observe how much energy you are using in the home. By switching appliances on and off, you can also see how much energy particular devices are using.  On the display, you can also view the overall consumption of the home by day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings have been made. Another very important feature is that the monitor can be used as a safety check to see if any electrical appliance has been unnecessarily left on before leaving your home or workplace.


Export & Download Data for Analysis

The E2 Classic Wireless Electricity Monitor gives you the option to view your energy data on the portable display or through the Elink software on your computer.



Key Features

  • Easy to install and programme
  • No need to change your existing meter (sensors clip can be installed directly onto your existing electricity meter or fuse box cabling)
  • Large compact display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • USB port to connect the display to your PC or MAC
  • Advanced download and export features with Elink Energy Management Software  
  • Programmable 4 tariff setting
  • Advanced tariff settings on Elink Energy Management Software
  • Larger memory that stores data hourly, daily, weekly and monthly
  • Audible alert to notify of excessive usage of electricity
  • 12-month warranty included


Functional Features

  • View instant power and cost
  • View historical daily, weekly or monthly data (cost, carbon emission and energy usage)
  • It shows how many greenhouse gases are being generated by your current electricity usage
  • Compares current usage against average
  • Includes a programmable max power audio alert


Elink Energy Management Software

  • See your energy information through both graphs and numbers
  • Print and save your energy data in Excel and PDF format
  • Compare different utility tariffs that could reduce your energy costs
  • Investigate your daily, historical as well as average daily (per week day and per month) demand curves
  • Add messages to individual energy records in order to explain any consumption change
  • Simulate the effect of moving from a single to dual tariff scheme and see the yearly benefits
  • Simulate what would happen if demand peaks were to shift to off-peak periods and see the yearly benefits
  • Find out ideas on energy saving plans


Hardware Features

  • Wall mountable or portable display
  • Up to 70m range in open air
  • Long battery life (12 months with 2400 mAh alkaline batteries)
  • Transmitter can be set up to send data every 10, 15 or 20 seconds
  • Mini CT sensor can monitor loads up to 21,500 Watts in Single Phase homes and up to 94,000 Watts in 3-Phase homes
  • It can work either with mains or battery powered options (batteries and mains adaptor are not included)



Add-on options

  • For 3-Phase supplies, just add  2 extra CT sensors. 
  • Install an online data gateway (Engage Hub Solo) to access the information online and view teh data through an app or through the internet



Suitable for Solar Micro-Generation

The E2 Classic can be used to monitor micro-generation from solar panels. The CT Sensor will read the current going through your feed cable and will tell you how much energy you are generating.


Suitable for Business Use

The E2 Classic is suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises such as restaurants, shops or offices. You can add two additional CT sensors to complete a 3-Phase installation



Technical specifications

  • Model Name: efergy e2
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Transmission Time: 10sec. (default) 15sec. or 20sec.
  • Transmission Range: 40m - 70m
  • Sensor Voltage Range: 110V - 300V
  • Measuring Current: 50mA - 95A
  • Memory: 256K
  • Pack Size HxWxD: 20.2cm x 20.5cm x 7cm
  • Display Power: 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Transmitter Power: 3 X AA Batteries
  • OS requirements for Elink Energy Management Software: Windows XP/ Vista x 32 with SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, MAC OS X v10.1-10.11 (Elink 2), Platform: .Net framework 3.5 with SP1, Desktop: minimum 800x600, 32 bit colour


What's in the box

  • 1 x E2 Classic Portable Display
  • 1 x Transmitter Unit
  • 1 x CT Mini Sensor
  • 1 x Instructions manual
  • Batteries are not included

Additional Information

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Special Price From Date 29 Sep 2017
  1. Does what it says! review by Tardyass on 19/12/2014

    I chose this so that I can monitor line current draw on a regular basis, then from a portable backup system as needed to manage my backup load.

    Update is timely and the readings appear reasonably accurate when compared to a clamp-on ammeter. I trust the kW readings it provides.

    I think the software is rather clunky... that is the reason I rated it with 4 stars. On the other hand, the software offers the ability to download the data as a csv file for use in a spreadsheet like Excel. Then, one can graph and analyze the data as needed.

    I would recommend this product to others, and have already done so. It's quite handy if you have a so-called "smart-meter" for your line provider: you can compare your billing data with actuals you've taken with this device.

  2. Don't buy the Kill-O-watt meter, the e2 is much better review by Divkid on 19/12/2014

    This product has all ready paid for itself. I have right at the front door. If anyone leaves anything on (curling iron, iron, steamer, AC, fan) as we leave the house, I can see it.

    I used a kill-a-watt to reduce all the items that suck power. Now I know my baseline when none of the appliances are running. As we walk out the door, if the meter is higher than expected, I send the kids upstairs to find the offending item. It saves money and gives me piece of mind! we use LED lights and they are so low if a few a left on it's hard to tell but they use so little power I can let it go.

    Installation took a little planing because I had the power company come out and cut the power (a free service). My power box is very tight so better safe than sorry. Once they showed up the whole thing took 15 minutes. The electric company guy was even impressed.

    If I move I'll buy one right away!

  3. Great display review by Boater on 19/12/2014

    I installed the Efergy E2 while setting up a whole-home generator. Now I can see how much electricity I'm using while attached to the utility company, and also see how much of my generator's capacity I'm using during power outages. It's very handy to see how much of my generator's 20KW capacity i'm actually using.

    I'm not interested in downloading the data to my computer, so I can't address the software quality. I did notice there is a new version of the software on the Efergy website. The real value of these, in my opinion, comes from going around the house and seeing in real time what effect is produced by turning things on and off. Behavior change is what will save you money. The Efergy is easy to set up, and input your utilities rates. Up to 3 rates and rate periods can be set up.

  4. My wife hates it! review by Rusty on 19/12/2014

    Hanging on the kitchen wall it constantly nags the loved ones on exactly how much it costs to live. Turn on the hot water, and within seconds it jumps from 15 cents to over $1/hour energy costs. This is great! Really makes sure we are doing the best to conserve energy. The daily average feature is a real eye opener. I told my friends about it and they are considering getting one too. The price of this thing really doesn't make it practical for everyone, but it is pretty reasonable given what it does. Must have for gadget lovers. Be careful on the instal. I clipped my CT's to the main wire in the attic, so no exposed conductors, but the instructions show opening up your loadcenter to clip these on the mains. Turn off the power and make sure it is dead using a meter or voltage sensor before working in there.

    This product has already paid for itself!!! In three months we have reduced our electric demand by 1/3 and saved around $100 since I installed this product. It looks like efergy released a new software interface that works much better than the first version I tried. My only complaint is there is no easy way to export the data.

  5. tremendously useful device review by Hart on 19/12/2014

    The Efergy E2 Wireless Electricity Monitor is a tremendously useful device, easy to install. Clip the two sensors over the two incoming 240-volt lines feeding your breaker panel, plug the sensors' output lines into the provided transmitter, push the LINK buttons, and the transmitter is wirelessly connected to the portable display unit. The robust wireless link operates at 433.5 MHz and will not suffer interference from cordless phones or WiFi networks.

    The display unit is updated every 10 seconds. It shows the instantaneous power in kW, and the average daily energy consumption in kWh for the current, and each of the previous seven days. Other informative historical data are also stored in the device and can be displayed readily. When set to display the instantaneous power, it is useful to walk through the house, display unit in hand, as you turn lights and appliances on and off. It's quite an eye opener. (Five stars so far.)

    The company also provides software for Macs and PCs. After reading the literature, and after contacting the vendor, it wasn't at all clear to me how the data get to the computer, but it became obvious once the equipment arrived: there was a USB cable included that plugs into the back of the display unit and into one of the computer's USB ports.

    There was no software disc included, instead a link to the company's website was provided. Things now became confusing with the software links buried in advertising. To make a long story short, one claimed Mac link downloaded the PC version, but ultimately, after major fiddling, the proper software was installed successfully. I would recommend that the company appoint an individual to sit beside a newbie as he attempts to follow the installation instructions. This way the major potholes (sink holes) in the instruction manual would become obvious and could be paved over.

    The Mac software v2.2 (I can't comment on the PC version) appears to be quite solid and informative and provides a valuable adjunct to the handheld display. It is NOT required if you are happy with the information provided by the display unit.

    All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase. The unnecessarily-frustrating software fiddling cost the company one star in my evaluation.

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