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ego and app on phone

ego smart Wi-Fi socket


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Home & Solar Online Energy Monitoring kit


Engage kit for 5 circuits monitoring

ego smart Wi-Fi socket

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Quick Overview

Ego Wi-Fi Smart Socket is unique socket that will make your life that bit easier. It comes with a fantastic App that allows you to program appliances, remotely switch them on and off and unlike many others, it also monitor how much energy the appliance is using. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EGO APP NOW



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Monitor and control on the go!

The Ego Smart Socket allows you to do many things at the same time. You can monitor the usage of your appliances and it tells you how much it cost to run them. It will provide you with instant as well as historical data through a Free App that is includes a very friendly user interface. With the Ego Socket you will also be able to switch appliances remotely using you App but most importantly it will allow you to program your appliances so that you don´t need to be there in the first place. It includes a lot more features but one of the unique features is that it will eliminate the stand-by power of your appliances, saving you money.

It is compatible with Android and iPhone. It is not compatible with any Windows devices (tablets, PC or smartphone).



Key Features

  • Appliance Control: Switch appliances on or off remotely from your smartphone
  • Group appliances: You can group appliances so that you can control all of them at the same time 
  • Energy Monitoring: Real time and historical consumption information in Watts and cost unit
  • Schedule timers: Set timers for automatic switching of devices
  • Standby Elimination: Set the socket to turn off when left on standby for too long 


Functional Features

  • Easy to install and programme
  • View instant power and cost through rich interface on iPhone and Android App
  • Monitor simultaneously unlimited number of appliances
  • Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere
  • View your historical costs of running appliances in easy-to-read graphics
  • Teach your family about energy use and saving
  • Control appliances remotely
  • Program timers for automatic switching of devices
  • Save money by eliminating standby consumption of appliances
  • 12-month warranty included 



Technical Specifications

  • Model: ego smart socket
  • Operating Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Working Voltage: 150V - 276V
  • Voltage range 90 - 250V
  • Max Current: 16A
  • Weight: 198g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 44 x 71mm
  • Power 0.2 - 3120W
  • The unit price of electricity 0.00 - 99.99£/kWh
  • Current range 0 - 13.00A
  • Frequency range 50-60Hz



What's in The Box

  • 1 x Ego Smart Socket
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Additional Information

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  1. API? review by TechTonic on 22/05/2015

    I am playing a lot with RF toys like arduinos and other stuff like that. It is pretty sad that your system are so closed. I will probably not buy a smart power plug that i can command with my smartphone, but I am pretty sure I would buy several if you propose a well designed good looking plug that I can interface with my toys via a good API...and control using by raspberry or pic. I am a geek but I think we are a lot, and you really have a good product and an experience in your domain.
    I think with some simple firmware adjustments - the Efergy product could be much more versatile and for those who are very focused on what they want the product to do - simpler to use.

  2. IFTTT? review by Tom on 22/05/2015

    Would like to see your EGO work with IFTTT site and when apple brings out HomeKit integrated with the kit too

  3. More control? review by Plumty on 22/05/2015

    I would like to control more items in my house. Currently have EGO sockets, but would like options for lights, as in switches that can be control via the phone.
    Either in the light globes or on the light switches themselves. Having options for "if motion" turn on for x about of time or if light outside is dark then turn on.

  4. Straightforward and effective review by Total Geek on 19/12/2014

    The Efergy Ego smart socket connects to the internet using your existing wireless network. During set-up you'll be prompted to enter your wireless network's password.

    You can then tap into the data (which is encrypted) using any smart phone or tablet that you have 'paired' with the smart socket. You can even have multiple devices all connected to the same set of power sockets (for example, different family members may each want to have access).

    Once the devices are linked, you can then monitor and control the various sockets in your home. If this level of functionality is not for you, you can always 'lock' the sockets and prevent them from being turned on and off by others who have been granted access.

    Unlike other network-enabled wireless energy monitors, the Efergy Ego is physically fully self-contained. It does not require a separate "hub" or "bridge" device. This makes it really easy to set-up and use.

    Simply download the app, plug the socket in, and follow the instructions on your screen.

  5. save even more money, put the ego on a power strip! review by Val Moonighan on 17/12/2014

    I've put my ego on a power strip which auto-turns off my TV,DVD,audio Amp after 30 mins of idleness....word of advice, don't put the ego on your SkyBox, that needs to stay on standby all the time. Good product though, v impressed so far

  6. Great product, easy to set up, strong display of info review by Topper on 14/12/2014

    I've been waiting for something like this to come onto the market. The ego is the cheapest of the recent wave of smart sockets available. I ordered mine the day it launched and it didn't disappoint. Well done efergy!

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