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engage hub solo


View in the videos below how to install your engage hub solo.

Installation video of the engage hub solo.

Connecting your Hub Solo with the ENGAGE platform.


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General settings of the engage platform.

Other settings and functions on the engage platform.


Download the file according to your engage hub solo version.

I am an owner of an efergy monitor Elite/E2. Can I use the engage hub solo?

Yes. The engage hub solo is compatible will all our energy monitors Elite/E2. The hub solo links to your installed transmitter and operates independently from your monitor, so you can keep on using your display.

How does the engage sub communicate with the platfrom?

The only thing you need to do is to plug the engage hub solo to your router or Ethernet switch with a LAN cable.

At the moment i am using a single device (transmitter), which is connecting to my engage hub. Can add more transmitters/devices?

If you own an engage hub version 2.0+ you can add up to 4 extra devices/transmitters. For older version, this is not possible.

What is the communication protocol of the hub solo to the transmitters?

Our hub solo communicates at 433MHz with the installed transmitters, so you don’t need to hard-wire anything or make any other manual work.

Does my engage hub have internal memory to store my data?

  • If you are owner of hub version 2.0+, the devices has a built-in memory chip that will hold your data up to 2 months, but it needs to be powered on all the time.
  • All previous versions of engage hubs do not have any memory chipset, so in case of internet outage your data will be lost.