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Home & Solar Online Energy Monitoring kit

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Quick Overview

Engage hub kit enables you to see how much electricity is used in your home online and in real-time through the engage, our FREE energy web platform and smartphone apps. By tracking the energy costs of your home in real-time, you can reduce your energy consumption.

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Check home energy use vs solar generation

The engage solar lets you manage multiple circuits in your home from anywhere, any time through the engage online portal.
This kit is perfect for solar/PV installation as it gives you a guide of how your consumption compares with your generation.

engage solar history widget

Key Features
- Track both your generation and consumption
- Estimate your daily/monthly costs and ROI
- Easy 4-step installation
- User-friendly graphics 

Online Platform Views

Energy Now

Do you want to see how your solar panels are performing? See your home electrical consumption or solar generation in real-time

Set a ‘target spend’ for the monthly consumption and check how you’re doing, make changes and stay on budget

Cost So Far
Set a ‘target spend’ for the month and check how you’re doing, make changes and stay on budget

Usage/Demand History
Check how your consumption has performed against your generation with this simple to read graph


Easy Installation


Please note:
This engage solar kit is only available through the online platform or mobile optimized view through your smartphone browser
App and tablet version available soon


Efergy comparison chart

Our engage hubs are simple to install and use. A small sensor is clipped on to the supply cables in your breaker panel and another onto the cable coming from your solar panel inverter. A lead from the sensor is connected to the efergy transmitters, which then wirelessly sends real time data to the engage hub. The engage hub is connected to your internet router via Ethernet cable. When you go online to our web portal or onto your smartphone app, the router wirelessly uploads your energy data and converts this data into kilo-watt hours. The web platform or app will then show you how much energy you are using in the same units that are on your bill. You can also see how much energy you are generating compared to what you are consuming.

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