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3 Phase Systems

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  1. Online Energy Monitor 3-Phase kit engage hub

    Engage hub kit enables you to see how much electricity is used in your home online and in real-time through the engage, our FREE energy web platform and smartphone apps. By tracking the energy costs of your home in real-time, you can reduce your energy consumption.
  2. Home & Solar Online Energy Monitoring 3-Phase kit

    With the Engage Hub Kit you will be able to view your home energy consumption and your solar generation simultaneously, in real-time, from anywhere and at any time! The information is displayed in a friendly web interface, including a budget feature, which will help you track your performance over time, export data and a lot more! View more on our a FREE LIVE DEMO

  3. Online Energy Monitor 3-phase kit with Display engage hub elite

    This 3-Phase kit puts together the Elite Classic Display and the Engage Home Monitoring System, making it a powerful combination. Elite Classic is possibly the best known Wireless Electricity Monitor in the market and the Engage Home enables you to view your home electricity consumption in real-time from anywhere and at any time. The information is displayed locally in the home and at the same time on the internet with a friendly interface. TAKE A FREE TOUR

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3 Item(s)