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elink 2.3 - Download and manage your energy information on your computer

elink 2.3 is efergy’s latest consumption management tool to help you increase understanding and awareness about energy saving. The new version keeps the basic features of the elink 2.0 version and includes more sophisticated tools to help users save energy and money.

What can you do with the elink 2.3?

  See your energy information through both graphs and numbers
  Print and save your energy data in Excel and PDF format
  Compare different utility tariffs that could reduce your energy costs
  Investigate your daily, historical as well as average daily (per week day and per month) demand curves
  Add messages to individual energy records in order to explain any consumption change
  Simulate the effect of moving from a single to dual tariff scheme and see the yearly benefits
  Simulate what would happen if demand peaks were to shift to off-peak periods and see the yearly benefits
  Find out ideas on energy saving plans

Check out the elink 2.3

Download the elink 2.3 PC and MAC version & elink manual

efergy energy monitor - e2 software elink2.2 elink 2.3 multilang PC* | Mac** (zip file)
elink 1.0 PC version
elink 2.2 Instructions Manual

elink 2.2 installation doc | video (Mac version)

*Previous versions of the elink software have been discontinued. If you want to upgrade from elink 1.0 to 2.1 please check our elink converter. If you are upgrading to the latest elink 2.2 software you will need to send your current database to us at info@efergy.com for converting. Mac users will need to install all three files included in the zip file in order for the elink to work correctly. **For mac users please also download the elink 2.2 instructions manual for installation guidance.