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About efergy

Efergy is a global manufacturer of energy monitoring systems utilizing a variety of technologies including CT sensors, IR optical and Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Our name comes from an amalgamation of “efficient energy” and our goal is to help you to reduce your energy use, save money and save the environment. Our wireless electricity monitors and other energy saving products help you to understand how much energy you are using in real time and how much that energy is costing you. Our systems also provide an array of historical information which empowers home and business owners to reduce their use of energy. 

Having sold over 1.3m energy monitors and 250k energy saving products in over 120 countries we aim to be the leading manufacturer of energy saving solutions in the world. Efergy was conceived in 2005 and are proud of how far we have come in just 10 years.

With our headquarters in the UK, efergy has a worldwide presence with offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, China, Australia, United States and Canada. Our focus is on new product development and customer satisfaction at all levels. We pride ourselves on the quality of our innovative products and our outstanding customer support. At efergy we really care about helping our customers to get the best out of our products.


The best energy monitoring solutions for Utilities and businesses

Our flagship product range are our easy-to-use wireless electricity monitors intended for end users and also our range of energy monitoring solutions for UtilitesEfergy electricity monitors help you to instantly see how much energy you are using so you can take action to reduce it. Our range of energy monitoring products are designed to make it easy for any home or small business owner to quickly and effectively reduce their use of electrical energy.

As a technological partner efergy works with Businesses, Utilities and the Public Sector supplying a variety of services including:

- In-home Customer Information Displays
- Online energy data gateways
- Computer-based and internet-based energy management software
- Advanced Metering Infrastructure real-time energy monitoring solutions for homeowners
- Existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure with a commitment to future solutions with load control for demand response
- Connected Home solutions 

Efergy products are specifically designed to add significant value to Utilities by providing fully-customisable, stylish and inexpensive solutions to help their users save energy. Efergy is also very committed to helping the Public Sector meet their carbon goals no matter the scale of the project. We are proud to be recognized by the European Commission for our innovative contribution to a successful domestic energy-saving campaign in the city of Sabadell (Spain). As a world-class player efergy has also participated in the largest energy saving project in the world in Queensland (Australia) using energy monitors. Our products are 100% suitable for small, medium and large scale energy monitoring projects which are aimed at helping the Public Sector meet their carbon goals.

Ready for the smart metering revolution

Through smart meters consumers will be given the information they need to fully understand and manage their energy consumption effectively, save money and reduce carbon emissions. Smart meters are also key to enabling smarter grids that permit more active management of the networks in providing demand response and to support increased levels of renewable generation. At efergy we have several ongoing smart meter projects with some of the world's top utilities in this field. We are focused towards the smart metering revolution by providing PLC gateways and Zigbee enabled monitors that help smart meters get a better visibility of energy information.

The connected home

We see the rapid acceleration in the smart home market a great opportunity to offer competitively priced intelligent products with a focus on monitoring.

We have developed a number of IFTTT products such as smart sockets, intelligent intra-red AC controllers and IP cameras to give customers much more awareness and control over their home energy. We are developing more smart home products with our roadmap well and truly adhering to the aim of an ecosystem of products for the connected home. 

Our environmental & ethical commitment

We believe it’s our responsibility to make sure everything we do has a minimal impact on the environment, for this reason our average consumption per employee is below 1 kWh/day. Read about our Environmental Policy here.

At efergy we don’t just want to help you to save energy, we think it’s our responsibility. That’s why we’re always searching for the latest energy saving information to help you to save energy in all areas of your home and lifestyle. We also want to keep you up to date on other energy and environmental issues, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

We always strive for excellence and set the highest standards for the way we conduct business in all areas from Corporate Social Responsibility to sound business ethics. In turn, we expect the same commitment from our suppliers. For this reason we have approved a Suppliers Code of Conduct which contains language from the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and meets norms and standards from the International Labor Organization (ILO), Social Accountability International (SAI), and the UN Global Compact. 




Download our company profile on PDF here