monitor and control
on the go!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Check that appliance goes straight to power on when switched.
The ego doesn't work on appliances or devices that go to standby when powered up.

appliance control

Remotely switch an appliance or a group of appliances
through the ego app and the ego smart sockets
Set up the ego and switch entire
rooms or groups of appliances
Which appliances can the ego
monitor and control?
of devices


energy monitoring

schedule timers

Want to give the impression that your house
is occupied when you are away?

Make your home more secure and convenient
by setting appliances to switch on/off at certain times

standby elimination

your day with ego

Set a timer to turn on the heater or air conditioning to make
your house the perfect temperature when you get out of bed.
Are the kids doing their homework
or are they watching TV in the lounge?
On the way home, switch on your air conditioner,
turn on the lamp and get ready to rest!
Let the ego switch all the connected appliances off standby…
so you don’t need to!
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