The Best Green Spy Gadgets- Part 1

With the release of the new Bond film Skyfall, people are going gadget-crazy again! We’ve found the best James Bond style gadgets that are environmentally friendly…007 will no doubt save the world this time. If you fancy yourself as an international super spy but want a more eco-friendly supply from Q, then read on…

 Gasino Royale

No self respecting super spy would be without his top of the range sports car. You might think that gas powered cars are not very sexy or fast…well think again.

It’s been called the fastest electric car on Earth. The Jaguar C-X75 eats over 200 miles of asphalt in 60 minutes and goes from a standstill to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. A plug-in hybrid concept car, the C-X75 has an innovative solution when the electric battery runs low: it simply squeezes more juice. Instead of a traditional combustion engine, it has two 70-kilowatt micro gas turbines that recharge the battery. The first 68 miles are powered fully by the car’s electric engine, and after that it can purportedly boast an impressive range of around 500 miles.

 Whatever Floats Your Boat Mr Bond

The chill out area of the floating solar des-res


…and when you do get that well earned rest you’ll want to go somewhere for a little peace. Why not tell M to charter a solar powered luxury hotel similar to this one?

This innovative Solar Floating Resort will have a 20m (66ft) long deck with a myriad of spatial denominations. The long 110 square meters (1184 squares feet) interior space will include two double and two single bedrooms with their private bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, lounge area and bridge. Finally, the ‘piece the resistance’ of the whole structure will consist of an observation pod built into the hull of the craft.


3D open floor plan of the luxary solar hotel


The hotel will be more eco-friendly as powered with solar energy and design based on green environment. Now, beyond all the poetic deliberations, the designer has unfortunately revealed very few technical specifications of the luxury craft. However, there are some structural considerations that relate to the aforementioned energy autonomy of the whole system.




 The Battery Never Dies

If you are intent on preventing the destruction of the civilised world and you want to make sure you get home in time to meet that Russian beauty then it’s all about timekeeping.

The solar-powered Seiko Astron  has been dubbed the most “intelligent watch ever built” as it features a low-energy GPS receiver that allows it to recognize all 39 time zones on earth via a global network of GPS satellites. The watch is also powered by sunlight, which means that you’ll virtually never need to change its battery



The World is Not Enough…(you’ll need the sun as well)



This a spy classic…the camera pen, but should you want to be a little more friendly to the environment, use the solar powered version when snooping at those enemy files.





If you’re thinking of freefalling from a crashing airplane at 10,000 feet with no parachute you’ll have to keep you’re eyes open for a soft landing, this is what you’ll want.These attractive (yes, I can barely say that with a straight face) solar-panel sunglasses imagined by eco-designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong feature dye solar cells. The designers describe the dye solar cells as “cheap organic dye [used with] nano technology [providing] cheap but high energy efficiency.” A small power jack at the back of the frames allows you to use the collected energy to charge small gadgets such as phones and MP3 players 


Do you have more ideas for that a more environmentally friendly Bond would use? If so please let us know! info@efergy.com







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