Hub to Internet-Connection Solution

We’ve had a few technical enquiries recently on connection issues between the engage hub and the internet connection. The engage range of kits come complete with an ethernet cable to connect to a router.



Routers and hubs can look very similar but have a few important differences, also LAN cables and crossover cables are almost identical except for their wiring configuration.


If you have a problem connecting our hub to your internet, follow these simple steps and everything will be fine!

Step 1

Establish whether you are connected to the internet through a router or a hub.

Step 2


Typical wireless router

Typical wireless router

My internet connection is through a router

Simply connect the engage hub to the router with the supplied ethernet cable.





Typical Hub

Typical Hub

My internet connection is through a hub

You’ll need to connect these with a cross over cable.





As most people have routers we supply a free ethernet cable, we’re looking into a universal solution for the hub connection and we’ll keep you posted on this.

We hope this helps, if you need any more help please contact our technical support

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  1. Magnus

    When do you expect to have the hub ready for the optical sensor?


    1. efergy

      Hi Magnus

      Thanks for the comment, we have produced the optical sensor and it currently on test in several countries. Once this testing meets our approval we will be releasing this. We expect at the current rate it will be available in a month to six weeks. We’ll keep you posted and I’ll make sure we have a blog post to announce this.

      Thanks again

      The efergy Team

  2. Charles

    I have a new engage hub. I’ve signed up to the website and got to the pairing part of the process but the hub now has a solid red power light and no other lights except the lights on the Ethernet connector which flash occasionally.

    The website does not show anything more.

    From a previous Twitter comment this has happened before to someone else. If there is a solution, please could you make it into an FAQ.

    1. Jose Luis

      I have the same problem since I got engage hub, November 2012. I try diferents configurations with 3 routers and still the same.
      It is about time to find a solution !!

      1. Jeppe Jønch Andersen

        I have this problem on three engage hubs now! .. spend 2 weeks troubleshooting with no luck :-( .. beginning to think this was a major waste of money :-(

        1. efergy

          Hi Jeppe

          Thanks for the comment, we’re sorry for any inconvenience. This blog post was published to help people like you and it has proved successful in fixing this issue for most people. Can I suggest that you contact info@efergy.com and explain the details of your problem. They will respond with a solution within 48 hours.

          Many thanks again

          The efergy Team

  3. Charles

    Did you know that your password reset on the engage platform allows people to continually reset password. If you request a new password, you get an email with a link in it. Every time you click the link, you get a new password. All other web sites provide a one time only password. Your approach is a potential security hole.

    1. efergy

      Hi Charles

      Thanks very much for your comments. They have been added to our list of upgrade recommendations to the engage platform. We’ll keep you posted on the blog to all future changes.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

      The efergy Team

  4. William

    My brand new engage hub stopped working after about 30 hrs. I get the message hub: no communication. Any solutions?

    1. efergy

      Hi Rui
      Thanks for the comment, could you please send us your inquiry to info@efergy.com. If you send it to that email address we’ll answer within 48hours.
      Thanks The efergy Team

  5. efergy

    Hi William

    Thanks for the comment, could you please send us your inquiry to info@efergy.com. If you send it to that email address we’ll answer within 48hours.

    Thanks The efergy Team

  6. Jamie

    Hi, we have been using Efergy for 2 years now and have no issue with it.
    I was just wondering when the API will be released as the ETA keeps getting rescheduled? We do automation programming and would love to have seamless way of accessing the data and information.

  7. Pablo

    My hub has a connection problem from one month.
    In the web platform the graphs has no problem but in the android app graphs has cuts ( 0 consumption) . The internet connection has benn tested recently. Sometimes the red light of the hub is of. I tried in other router but the prblem persist.

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