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The World’s 1st Smart Device for Checking and Contacting Elderly family…

The Carehub is a communication device that contains sensors to alert you of issues that could affect your elderly relatives.

The “Internet Of Things” in the home

How much do you know about the Internet of Things (IoT), read on to find out more…..

The Top 5 Gadgets at CES, Shanghai 2015

So we braved the crowds to bring you the best gadgets from the first Consumer Electronics Show from Shanghai…(see more)

7 Practical Ideas to Save Energy Bills at Your Home

Using less energy is not a great idea to save it, there is no way you can escape from using it in necessity. But, you can opt for several ways to cut down your energy bills. Check out these simple ways that will help you in saving your money on energy consumption.

Sole energy? 15-Year-Old Invents In-Sole Generator That Powers Your Phone

Kids should been seen and not heard right? Wrong, not this one.

ENGAGE USERS-BT Issue could be affecting you today

ENGAGE USERS- BT are having an issue with some of their servers today which is affecting around 20% of our UK engage users. The effect on some users may be limited or no access to the engage platform…(see more)

Dual-touch smartphone design concept

We just found this new idea for touchscreen control for mobile devices….what do you think about it?…(see more)

10% Discount and FREE SHIPPING all week for UK/EU/ES/US/AUS – Here’s the coupon code

We’ve got a special offer this week for all you lovers of energy saving. From today we’re giving 10% and FREE SHIPPING on all our online stores…(get coupon code)

3 Cool Tips to Efficiently Heat Up Your Home This Winter

Some great videos explaining the best ways to save this year…(see more)

Green Rising: Time to Power Up With Renewable Energy

If you’re looking to seek energy sources that are eco-friendly, look to the power of renewable energy to bring a brighter future for the planet and for your environmentally conscious lifestyle…(see more)

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