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  1. Micro jackplug extra sensor

    Additional sensors for use with e2 and elite energy monitors.
  2. XL Jackplug extra sensor

    XL Additional Sensors are for use with E2 and Elite energy monitors.
  3. 5V Power Adaptor

    The 5V Power Adaptor is a plug-in power supply for the elite, e2 and engage hub, so you no longer need to keep replacing batteries.
  4. Waterproof transmitter

    Additional waterproof transmitter for use with any existing efergy energy monitors. It wirelessly sends the information to the energy monitor every 6, 12 or 18 seconds.
  5. elite classic display

    The elite classic energy monitor updates your energy consumption every 6 seconds so you can instantly see the impact of turning a light on or off, boiling the kettle or using your tumble dryer.
  6. extra ecotouch sockets

    Additional pair of sockets for your ecotouch energy management system. The ecotouch energy management system allows you to turn your appliances on and off remotely. It saves you time, effort, electricity and money.
  7. Wireless USB receiver

    The Wireless USB Receiver will work along with your existing sensor and transmitter by instantly downloading your electricity to you PC displaying instant power, costs, estimated CO2 emissions and much more.
  8. STXtra Kit

    Transmitter and Sensor pack
Set Descending Direction


8 Item(s)