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Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity monitors

How easy is it to install an efergy monitor?
How much money can I save with an efergy monitor?
Is the sensor supposed to be loose around the cable?
Can I compare the information displayed on my monitor to my electricity bill?
What kind of information is displayed on the monitor?
Does the energy monitor need batteries?
Are the monitors three phase compatible?
What type of wireless communications do the monitors use?
Which is the transmission rate?
How far does the device transmit?
How much energy do efergy monitors consume?
With how much sensitivity is instant power displayed on the monitor?
How do our monitors work out what I am spending on electricity?
How long will the monitors record data for?
Will I lose the information in the event of a power cut or when I remove the batteries?
If I remove the batteries will I lose the information on the display?
How long should the batteries last?
How do i know what tariff to set in the menu?
I have four dashes (- - -) showing on the display. What does this mean?
Backlight appears to work sometimes, and not other times. Is my display broken?
How do I reset the display (clear the data and start again)?

elink software

What new features does the elink 2.0 bring?
When I start the installation of the elink 2.0 I get an error message, what should I do?
I want to reinstall the the elink 2.0, how should I proceed?
I am using Windows Vista, is there any special installation requirement?
The elink 2.0 doesn't recognise when my efergy monitor is plugged into the computer. What happens?
Can I download the energy data from the elink software to an Excel spreadsheet?
When i try to download my monitor information for second time it sends and error message or says that it cant find the device
Does the elink allow me to continuously collect energy data from the efergy monitor?
Can I retrieve the energy data from the elink 1.0 and pass it to the elink 2.0?
Is the elink 2.0 compatible with Mac OS?
Is the elink 2.0 compatible with Windows 7?